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Our company, I.A.I. KERYNIA TRANSPORT LTD, was founded in 1993 by Mr. Andreas Ioannides and is still a family owned company engaged in the transport of goods in containers on articulated tractors to and from the ports of Cyprus.

We also offer all kinds of transport services such as removals, freight, heavy vehicles using forklifts and cranes for lifting and moving heavy goods.

We have a 5 modern latest type of articulated vehicles (trailers) from the well known brand of Scania, 30 sliding platforms and 2 forklifts heavy duty crane to better serve our customers. The facilities and company offices are located at Chalepianes area, Tseri.


The continued success and our customers' trust have led us to expand our business in sales of containers and sliding caravans.

Our ultimate goal and target is always the best and prompt service to our customers transporting goods safely and on time at their destination with unique professionalism.